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NSCaster X2 has built-in composition and production functionalities, such as subtitles, logo overlay, CG overlay, built-in rich material library, and supports secondary editing, making your production more appealing.
For the live streaming of sports events, NSCaster X2 has built-in scoreboards with a variety of event templates, and adapts to the event rules to make the live broadcast a richer and professional audience experience.
The NSCaster X2 has a 5G SIM card slot allowing it to start live broadcasting in the absence of a wired broadband network. A mobile provider plan is required. Optional with NDI¦HX IN/OUT

NScaster X1 is a highly integrated broadcast touchpad with a built-in 11.6-inch full-HD touch screen. It integrates the features of multi-channel switching, recording, broadcasting, tuning, subtitling, monitoring, and built-in 4G module to meet the varieties of live requirements. This small, portable tablet, with only 1kg net weight emerges the streaming media industry and creates innovative ideas to the modern world…

  • Every NScaster X1 comes in a smart and protective Aluminium Briefcase.
  • Optional with NDI¦HX IN/OUT
  • Also available with Bonding functionality for super fast transmission speeds, over cellular.

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The External Control Panel NCP-X1

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